A Little Gallery

Hello there! I’m in the process of setting up an area to photograph my furniture projects so I thought I’d show a few of my recent milk paint pieces. The first one is a vanity from the late 1920’s that I painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s French Enamel. I got just a little chipping with this one and I used clear wax and antiquing wax. I refinished the top and sealed it with dark wax. It’s darker in the photo than it really was. I sold it at the shop where I take most of my pieces.
The second one is a tall dresser that I painted Lucketts Green. I didn’t really get much chipping with this one but that is what makes working with milk paint fun. One thing I really like about Lucketts Green is the variations in color you get. It really make a piece look like a well loved old piece of furniture when the day before it was just a plain brown dresser.
The third piece is a side table painted in Dried Lavender milk paint. It is a very subtle grayish purple. I highlighted some of the detail in the legs with white chalk paint. I’m sure you will notice that the drawer is a different shade of purple. That is what happens if you don’t stir the milk paint frequently while you are painting. The pigments settle to the bottom. I painted the drawer last and didn’t notice it until I put it back in the table. I decided to go with it and leave it that way. We’ll see if anyone likes it as it’s currently for sale.





Number One

Hello and welcome to Farmhouse Blue. I’d like to share my first time using milk paint. I’d been using chalk paint for a while and following Miss Mustard Seed’s blog so when she came out with her own line of milk paint I was eager to try it. I found this old desk at an estate sale and it seemed like a good candidate for Lucketts green. I started by cleaning it up and making a small repair to the side where some of the trim was loose. I mixed the paint and put on the first coat. As it dried it began to chip I had to resist the urge to brush the flakes off but I waited until it was dry and put on the second coat. When it was dry I used a putty knife to lightly scrape off the flaking areas and lightly sanded it to smooth it out. I used Miss Mustard Seeds furniture wax to seal it and it went on so smooth a buffed out to a nice satin finish that is very smooth to the touch. I think it has a really great authentic chippy look.