A Little Gallery

Hello there! I’m in the process of setting up an area to photograph my furniture projects so I thought I’d show a few of my recent milk paint pieces. The first one is a vanity from the late 1920’s that I painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s French Enamel. I got just a little chipping with this one and I used clear wax and antiquing wax. I refinished the top and sealed it with dark wax. It’s darker in the photo than it really was. I sold it at the shop where I take most of my pieces.
The second one is a tall dresser that I painted Lucketts Green. I didn’t really get much chipping with this one but that is what makes working with milk paint fun. One thing I really like about Lucketts Green is the variations in color you get. It really make a piece look like a well loved old piece of furniture when the day before it was just a plain brown dresser.
The third piece is a side table painted in Dried Lavender milk paint. It is a very subtle grayish purple. I highlighted some of the detail in the legs with white chalk paint. I’m sure you will notice that the drawer is a different shade of purple. That is what happens if you don’t stir the milk paint frequently while you are painting. The pigments settle to the bottom. I painted the drawer last and didn’t notice it until I put it back in the table. I decided to go with it and leave it that way. We’ll see if anyone likes it as it’s currently for sale.





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